Abraham Moon & Sons

Moon is a family manufacturing company. It was named after its founder, Abraham Moon, who established the company in 1837. The company headquarters are located in Guiseley, Leeds, in the United Kingdom. The company’s philosophy is rooted in a 180-year-old tradition of producing the finest-quality British wool.

Moon offers a broad range of 100% wool tartans in numerous designs and colours. The wide array of patterns includes herringbone, stripes, dots, stars and paisley, whereas the color palette offered comprises powdery tints, so rarely found in wool. Their composition is 100% wool.

The fabrics have excellent technical parameters: they are naturally flame retardant, offer acoustic insulation, have high wear resistance and their production process is environmentally friendly.

The minimum order for fabrics is 1 running meter. The delivery time is about 3 weeks but if the fabric ordered  is not in stock, the delivery period will be extended.

Dekoma has been cooperating with Moon since 2014. In our showroom, you will find more than 15 catalogues with fabrics offered by Moon.

Agena is a premium brand created in Turin in 1966. The company cooperates with the famous Italian design studio Pininfarina, whose specialty is creating concept cars and designing production cars, especially sports cars. Both companies are epitomes of Italian design.

Agena’s product portfolio mainly focuses on decorative fabrics but also includes some upholstery materials with flame retardant properties as well as fabrics for outdoor applications.

From concept to final product, the entire production process takes place in Italy. The materials used are mostly natural textiles such as silk and linen. Many of the tasks are performed manually and some products, including unique wallpapers, are hand-made.

The collections offered allow customers to choose the fabric colour to their liking and select a complementary wallpaper or carpet pattern.

Dekoma has been cooperating with Agena since 2012. In our showroom, we have over 120 sample kits and catalogues, presenting Agena’s full product portfolio.

The minimum order for fabrics is 1 running meter and for wallpapers a bolt with a length specified in the price list. The delivery time is about 3 weeks but if the fabric ordered is not in stock, the delivery time will be extended.

Wallpapers are hand-made products, therefore their delivery time will be specified individually for each order.

Alcantara S.p.A. is the only manufacturer of the original Alcantara® material in the world. It is an embodiment of Italian quality and excellence.

The company's headquarters are located in Milan, while the production facilities as well as the research and development centre are in the town of Nera Montoro, 90 km from Rome.

Renowned for its unique, patented technology, Alcantara cooperates with prestigious, global partners.

The Alcantara material is a unique product for interior decoration and an inspiration for designers.

Dekoma has been cooperating with Alcantara since 2001.


Gastón y Daniela is a Spanish family company operating in Madrid since 1876. It is an eclectic premium brand, whose hallmark are unique patterns. Sources of the current design can be traced back to earlier periods in design history, as recorded in the company archives.

The company’s artistic collections combine classic decor and modern design. Vivid colours, geometric patterns, beautiful embroidery as well as references to patterns used by other cultures – all this can be found in the Gastón y Daniela products.

Gastón y Daniela collections are created in collaboration with great Spanish artists such as Lorenzo Castillo.

The product portfolio also includes a very interesting collection of outdoor fabrics and captivating wallpapers.

The minimum order for fabrics is 1 running meter and for wallpapers the minimum order is 1 roll. The delivery time is about 3 weeks but if the fabric ordered is not in stock, the delivery time will be extended.

Dekoma has been cooperating with Gastón y Daniela since 2014. In our showroom, you will find more than 20 catalogues with many of the company’s fascinating products.

Extraordinary design and sophisticated technologies share a single common denominator – Interstil.

Interstil has its headquarters in Steinhagen, eastern Westphalia, where it hones its ideas to bring innovative German technologies to the market. Interstil’s collections include a wide selection of curtain rods, traversing systems and flat panel curtain solutions.

All products can be ordered in custom-made kits. The delivery time is about 2 weeks.

Dekoma has been cooperating with Interstil since 2008.

Kobe is a Dutch company with its headquarters in Valkenswaard.  It has been operating in the textile industry since 1976.

Kobe is renowned for its wide range of exquisite decorative and upholstery fabrics. Catalogues and waterfalls with Kobe samples are full of patterned fabrics and complementing plain colour fabrics.

Interesting patterns, excellent technical parameters and short delivery time are just some of the advantages Kobe has to offer.

The minimum order for Kobe fabrics is 0.5 running meter. The delivery time is about 2 weeks but if the fabric ordered is not in stock, the delivery time will be extended.

Dekoma has been cooperating with Kobe since 2002. In our showroom, you will find more than 500 sample kits with fabrics offered by Kobe.


Koninck’ is a specialty, Dutch boutique brand for curtain and upholstery fabrics as well as woven textile wall coverings.

The brand combines tradition, quality and timelessness. Its designers find their inspiration in palaces, castles, villas and town mansions, both traditional and modern. At the same time the fabrics can be found in high-end full of character, iconic buildings.

Koninck’s collection consists of luxurious plain and jacquard velvets, delicate, flat woven single, double and even triple weaves and plain and jacquard wall coverings. Some of the fabrics have been woven with inherently fire retardant Trevira CS fibre, which makes them perfect for contract use.

All fabrics are manufactured in West-European mills with a reputable history of  fabric weaving. Their close cooperation with Koninck, allows the brand to be first in implementing latest developments in the textile industry.

Koninck’s suppliers comply with the brands Green Policy and adhere to international standards of Health & safety in their factories. It has been ensured, that none of the products or parts of the products is a result of child labour.

Ligne Pure carpets combine highest-quality materials with traditional craftsmanship and elegant design.

Ligne Pure products are tailored to the customer’s individual needs. On the Dekoma website, you will find the patterns available and all the information on customizing carpet dimensions.

Interesting textures, patterns and diverse materials allow our customers to design a unique interior that best suits their characters.

Products from the entire collection are held in stock in Belgium and are exported to over 40 countries around the world.

The delivery time is about 2 weeks.

Dekoma has been cooperating with Ligne Pure since 2012.


Penelopeoggi is a European supplier of leather for furniture and upholstery.

Their portfolio includes smooth, plain-coloured leathers as well as embossed, printed and pigmented leather products sold under the CRP brand.

Interesting textures, patterns and colours of leathers have a potential of turning a simple piece of furniture into a design masterpiece.

Dekoma has been cooperating with Penelopeoggi since 2007.


Dekoma's partners offer 2186 products including: 1009 textile products, 400 wallpapers, 70 curtain rods, and 707 natural leathers.

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