How to check whether the wallpaper colour will match your design scheme?  Is the fabric you want to buy pleasant to the touch? What shade of curtains to choose so that they go well with your carpet and armchair upholstery fabric? These questions are anything but uncommon among customers who do not have the possibility to borrow standard sample kits or who simply want to save themselves the bother of transporting them to and fro.



To satisfy our customers' needs, we have launched a new service called "Warehouse of samples". What we did was assemble thousands of samples in our warehouse, which are now available at your request. You can order a small amount of fabric and check its usability in a place of choice, without the need to transport heavy sample kits. As for pictures, they cannot fully convey the intensity of colour or texture of the fabric; nor do they create the sensory impressions related to a given product.

With this in mind, we now offer you the possibility of ordering free-of-charge samples delivered to your house, store, workshop or studio. Each shipment comprises maximum five products, size A6 for plain fabrics and A5 for patterned ones. "Warehouse of samples" will allow you to check whether the thickness, colour, texture or softness of the fabric conform with your design scheme. This solution offers you the opportunity to test the fabric before making the decision.

To make the best choice, please visit our website, where you will find over 19,000 products in full colour range, with descriptions and comprehensive technical data.  

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service:  +48 61 895 28 11, or refer directly to your sales representative.



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